Direct Mail is one of the most overlooked methods of getting your message in the hands of your customers. In today’s digital age, so many companies are opting for digital newsletters or coupons online, but does that mean that mailing your client a high quality printed postcard or catalog is no longer needed?

Next time you look in your mailbox, pay attention to all the companies that still take advantage of Direct Mail. With the many options available; postcards, coupon booklets, newsletters, catalogs and more! Talk to one of our Mailing Specialists to learn more about the benefits a Direct Mail Campaign.

Make your business standout from your competitors with high quality print mailed direct to your clients. With new mailing options such as EDDM and postage rates as low as $0.07 per item for non-profits and $0.14 for a standard business. Contact us to see how Direct Mail and EDDM for advertisements, newsletters and more, should be an option your business considers.

Is Web-2-Print for you?