It has always been important to us that our print providers embrace environmental responsibility. Our world and its resources are precious and should be respected.


Our printers offer recycled paper options using post-consumer fiber, recycled paper and virgin pulp derived from sustainably managed forests. These options offer the same great quality as any standard paper choice, at no additional cost. If you wish to help support our environment, simply select the Green option for your paper selection when ordering a print product.

Ink & Coatings

The majority of our printers use environmentally friendly ink and coatings that are formulated with soy and other vegetable-based compounds. These inks and coatings are less harmful to the environment than their petroleum-based counterparts.


As with any business, the printing industry creates waste that must be disposed of. The majority of our printers employ recycling programs that allow them to recycle paper waste, metal printing plates, ink waste and other print solvents. These practices have been widely adopted and have become key parts of the printing industry’s commitment to sustainability.

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