One of the big questions in print is: What is the difference between Offset printing and Digital printing? The answer is not as simple as it once was, but here are the basics.

Offset Printing

Offset printing is known for its high quality and consistency on large quantity jobs. These types of jobs usually require a minimum of 500-1000 pieces of the printed product. In offset printing, the design image is first burned onto a plate and then transferred from the plate to a rubber sheet before being applied to the product surface. Offset printing also provides broader flexibility when it comes to paper selection, finish, and size.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is very similar to the printing your desktop printer provides, but at a higher quality and at higher volume capabilities. Digital printing is great for short runs, under 500 pieces. It also has advantages such as variable data that can allow you to have different information printed on each individual item, such as a name, address or custom message. Because there is no need for plates, the turn-around time for digital printing is often shorter.

The right choice

Offset printing or Digital printing – which is right for me? Both options offer great quality products and digital printing capabilities are expanding rapidly as technology advances. Deciding which choice is right for your specific print job will depend on the project and your specific needs. Contact your Account Specialist if you have any further questions or visit the Resource section of your Print Lobby.

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