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Print Aggregation

Print Aggregation

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Print Aggregation

Print Houses typically specialize in one or two things that they do well. This is great if you only need the printed items they are offering however today’s businesses typically need access to a variety of printed marketing materials. As business owners, we don’t always consider the wasted time spent on dealing with multiple vendors for similar type products, but it is a very ineffective use of valuable time and resources. With every new print vendor you will need to comply with their varying business practices. Imagine if you had to go to three or four different grocery stores for the basic ingredients for a cake - you would never do that. So why are you doing it with your business’ printing needs?

Product aggregation is something we all take advantage of in many different aspects of our lives. Priceline® and Expedia® are examples of aggregation companies that specialize in the travel industry. More often than not you are able to purchase travel for less though them than you would be able to if you went directly to the vendor they are representing. Print2order offers the same basic opportunity for all your printing needs, through your customized Print Lobby.

  • Direct Benefits to your Business
  • One button print ordering
  • Easy to use customized Print Lobby
  • Print Cost Reduction
  • Saves Valuable Time and Money
  • Access to hundreds of products
  • Brand Control Multi-location control
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